The ShamROCK

With barely any rehearsal under their belts, the guys slammed through a short set of Radioactive favs.

The setlist: End Of The World, Taken For A Ride, I Just Wanna Be Loved, Hush & Stole The Show.

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Radioactive Live

Jason, Joe, Justin & Kevin will be rocking out some Radioactive favs at The Shamrock in Murrieta, CA. See Calendar

Topanga Jam

First AM Radio jam/rehearsal for this new album, Topanga style. 


March Update

Kevin and Jason just started writing a new tune "Things Break".
Jason is working on a video for "Blowin' Away".



This just in... the digital release date of the new AM Radio album "Shine" is December 10th!!


Mission Complete

OK OK, So the Big news is The New AM RADIO album is done....I got sidetracked by life, but it is done and it is awesome, it is Blood, Sweat and Tears...We all put a lot into making this album…