2013 Album Play-By-Play #8

This just in... today Frank laid down some solid drums to "Slowdance". Sh** just got real!

The guys cut scratch vocals to "When You Call" last night, opening the song with the throwaway line “this goes out to the telemarketers”. For the second time they attempted "Bend In The Wind (It's Only Love)" but concluded the song is not as dynamic in a lower key. Speaking of keys, Matt has been adding oldies style keyboard parts to some of the songs, working on them into the wee hours of the night. There is a wondrous collaboration occurring between Kevin, Jason and Matt on this album.

The quote of the evening was prompted by Matt trying to get Kevin to sing a line in falsetto by making a hand gesture (resembling a fairy sprinkling fairy dust). Kevin's response, "Dude, please don't ever do that (hand thing) again."

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