Now Testify!

Testimony from Kevin regarding the 2013 AM Radio album:

“Musically, this is the most exciting project I’ve ever been a part of. Some of these songs are personal favorites from stacks of songbooks written over the years, old and new. And they are no longer just my songs. I took them as far as I can with an acoustic guitar, my voice, pen and notebook. Jason (Moore) has been making them his own by arranging them and adding his own special magic. None more evident than song #12 “Pretty Diamond”, the scratch guitars laid down just last night.

There are also some songs Jason started and then handed off to me to finish, like “The Monster” and “Time Keeps Runnin’ Out On Me”. These songs challenged me to explore a side of myself I wouldn’t have on my own. I love writing melodies and lyrics to an amazing instrumental track. One of the hallmark AM Radio songs “Taken For A Ride” was also written in this manner.

Enter Matt (Corey) into equation. First of all there would not even be a 2013 AM Radio album if Matt hadn’t suggested it in the first place, a few months ago. Not only is Matt an Emmy award winning studio engineer, but we’ve been good friends since we were teens back in Connecticut. If anyone knows my singing voice it’s Matt. We’ve already been in the studio together the past few years recording for my Christian solo project. By now, Matt has my voice dialed.

AM Radio somehow just can’t seem to escape the Weezer connection (not that we’re trying to). Even not having spoken to Rivers (Cuomo) for a few years, his influence still communicates to me. I’m constantly reminded of a conversation we had many years ago, in which I was advised “you have to play with professionals”. Well, it doesn’t get more professional than Jason, Matt and Frank (Reina), who practice their art form every single day.

And then there’s Shox (Shoxwaken Hincks) who is singing backing vocals on the album. I’m not sure if he even practices (or has to), but he’s definitely a much better singer than I am. Hehe.”

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